Friday, April 2, 2010

2-503 Throws/Afghans For Sale - FINALLY!

UPDATED 29 July 2010 - see at bottom of post

Thank you all for your interest and patience.  Below are the two designs. 

You may order either by using paypal or by sending a check. 

Design #1 -

NOTE:  Once we received the sample of Design #1 we asked the manufacturer add 4 more inches between the design and both the top and bottom of the throw.  The sample above does not reflect the extra length that your throw will have

Design #2 -

Each throw is $40.00 plus $9.95 shipping.  There is ONE exception to shipping charges.  IF you are ordering to have your throw(s) delivered to an APO at Caserma Ederle we are going to bulk ship those for distribution and the shipping charge is $5.00 per throw.

If you wish to place your order via paypal:
  • Click on the paypal "DONATE" button towards the top left of the page. 
  • Fill out the TOTAL amount ($40.00 for each throw PLUS $9.95 shipping charges per throw)
  • Once you have completed the screen with your name, credit card info, address etc click on the "Review Donation and Continue" button
  • The next screen with have Warrior Legacy Foundation at the top and ask you to review your donation
  • YOU MUST click on "Add special instructions to the seller" and type in how many of each design you are ordering.  This is the only way we will know what to order for you.  Please order using Design #1 or Design #2 and the number of each
  • Check all of your other information
  • Click the "donate now" button at the bottom right of the screen.
If you prefer to order by check:
  • Make your check out to Warrior Legacy Foundation
  • Enclude a note stating the design (or designs) you wish to order and the number of throws in that design
  • Mail to Leta Carruth, P O Box 1233, Cordova, TN  38088
We are required by the manufacturer to order in multiples of 25.  Once we receive 25 orders of either design we will order them.  We will continue to do so as long as orders are coming in.  The manufacture tells me that it is taking about 4 weeks for them to make the throws right now.  That changes during various times of the year.

Warrior Legacy Foundation is a 501c3 organization so all purchases are tax deductible.  Profits from the sale of the throws will be used to purchase airline tickets to fly any medically cleared wounded from the 173rd Brigade OEF X back to Germany and Italy at the end of this deployment and to help fund a welcome home party for the 2-503 off post in Italy.  (NOTE: The Welcome Home party is not going to take place.  ALL monies raised will be used to pay to fly any medically cleared wounded back to Italy and Germanyfor offical end of tour services including a Memorial service).

If you have any questions please email

Sebastian has one!
Tim has one!


  1. CRAP, I forgot to annotate Design #2 on my order. Jeremy Carey

  2. Ordered two for delivery to Caserma Ederle. Please choose the design(s) that make sense in terms of your ordering requirements. Thanks for all the good work.

  3. Are these still for sale? If so, how long for delivery?

  4. I was in A-2-503 in 1980-82 when it was part of 3rd Bde, 101 Airborne Div ... yeah -- I was an air assault leg (but airborne/ranger qualified).

    Our outstanding company commander, CPT Jose "Joe" Labrado, was a grunt in A-2-503 (173d Abn Bde) in Vietnam, then went on to latter command A Co. He was always proud of being in "Third Herd."

    I was probably the worst 2LT in the army ... sure wish I could contact him to appologize.

    Guy Power
    (AUS, Retired)

  5. I'm part of a Vietnam Re-enacting group that focuses on 2/503 and I love design #2. I'll see if a few of the guys want to put in a group order.


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